What we do

The Chancellery supports the Government Council with administrative and legal work for various stakeholder groups. It also serves as the interface between the cantonal departments, and works with the municipalities, the  Confederation and neighbouring cantons.

Supporting the Government Council

The Chancellery performs legal and administrative duties on behalf of the Government Council. These include:

Cross-departmental activities

Staatskanzlei Weihnachten 2014 Toni Areal

Certain activities require close cooperation with the various departments:

  • Managing and enhancing the canton’s online presence, and promoting and simplifying electronic contact with the administration (e-Government)
  • Coordinating cross-departmental measures relating to External Affairs
  • Running the Postal Service for the entire central administration and its 145 or so offices
  • Organising media conferences, writing, editing and issuing media releases (Communications Office)
  • Managing the internet portal and social media channels
  • Running the BIDP Coordination Centre (Data Protection and Access to Information)

Support and resources

The following additional services are also provided within the Chancellery (primarily for its own employees):

  • Sending out resolutions of the Government Council and decisions on appeals (ZHDecisions)
  • Financial and personnel business (Central Services)
  • IT, Project and Process Management (IPPM)
  • Internal communications


The Chancellery produces a number of publications on a regular basis:

  • Updating and publishing the compilation of Zurich legislation (ZH-Lex)
  • Publishing the Official Journal of the Canton of Zurich on a weekly basis
  • Producing and publishing voting documentation
  • Publishing the annual cantonal calendar, and the Government Council’s annual report and information booklet (Publications)